Kyle Mahaney


Kyle is a photographer and cinematographer from the Pocono Mountains. He is an avid film enthusiast, who is also involved in the music industry. Growing up in a homeschooled environment, Kyle is finishing a degree in Film Production from DeSales University while continuing on his professional career based on live events stills and music videos.

Aimee Bender


Aimee discovered the project in college. She began working with the team in 2012 and filled the position of co-director in 2014. Aimee has battled mental illness all through her teen years and still works on maintaining and improving her condition. As someone who can relate to struggling teens, she hopes to find a way to both educate parents and their children about mental health awareness.

Jessie Minor


Jessie is a college student with interests in technical theatre and communications. After hearing the concept for this film, it struck home and she joined the early production planning. She’s always wanted to make a difference for those around her and hopes this film will serve as that opportunity. Jessie left the project in 2014 to pursue a career in the military.

Becca Tomlinson


Becca is a homeschooled student who joined the project in 2013, serving in a variety of roles including editor, composer, and assistant director. Fighting depression herself, Becca jumped on the opportunity to help spread awareness of her struggling peers. Becca entered the project without prior film experience, but dove in bringing a number of skillsets, both musical and editorial, to the table. She hopes to further grow as a musician in the future.